[practicing to think about nothing]

My dear Baby.
Birth is a difficult topic. I fully believe women are made for this. We are perfectly capeable and birth is as old as humanity itself – it should be the most natural thing and no big drama. I used to wonder, why people would tell their horror stories unasked, but ever since I survived my own horror story, I understand the impulse to warn other women. I feel like – yes, it should be a natural experience, where women connect deeply with their instincts. But I am also aware, that there are a lot of circumstances and surroundings playing a role, too. (One of them being, that we as modern, empowered, organized and oh-so-strong-willed-women are not used to and no fan of letting go of control. Ahem.)

So, when I approached your Dad with the idea to go to a hypnobirthing workshop, he once again prooved to be a stellar husband. He had no desire whatsoever, it was costly, both money-wise and on our weekend-time-resources, but he agreed anyway. So last week, we spend two days learning about hypno-methods (really just another term for focussing or meditating or being relaxed to the max). We talked about our last experience and the traumatic aspects of it, we talked about what we want to approach differently this time and most importantly, we talked about being open to whatever might happen, cause ultimately, it’s not eniretly in our control. Just like about everything else in parenthood is not entirely in our control.

And you know what? Beside spending time as a couple, the best part about it was – it got us so excited for the time of your arrival. We will plan and hope and pray and prepare and relax and let go of control and we might have a good experience or we might have a bad experience – but in the end: We will meet you. And we are beyond thrilled for that.

P.S. Whoever is interested and local – I highly recommend Eva Steffgens workshop in Mainz. It was relaxed, down-to-earth and we just a great weekend with her!

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