Baby, Baby, Baby.
I know you have some weeks left (almost three!) to prepare for your arrival, but after yet another sleepless night, tossing and turning with pain and discomfort, I am just SO ready for you to make your grande debut early. You know?

But I trust you more than I trust my own impatience.

You know better when the time is right, so stay put for as long as you like. In the meantime, I will soak up every last minute of my last days and weeks of my last pregnancy. I feel very ready to never be pregnant again. The constant stomach aches, the overboard tenderness, the insomnia and aaaall the little pains – I am so ready to leave this all behind. But I know I will look back at this time with nostalgia, knowing it was OUR time, the time when you and I were close constantly and my body did this amazing work of helping to build yours. So I’ll try my best not to spend the rest of this pregnancy impatient, but in wonder and gratitude. I was never so close to the finish line. We’re almost there, Babe. Almost there.

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