She is here!!!

Our little girl has arrived safe and sound and my world has new colour ever since. This pregnancy was hard and in so many ways, her arrival feels like redemption – like a new morning, after a dark night – like a fresh start. My dear beautiful, perfect girl, I have no words for the […]

*25 weeks: You’re not alone.

When I was working out, a little while ago, this song started playing and I was surprised by how it hit me. „You’re not alone…“ A tear fell down on my yoga mat, as I realized: I have felt so very alone. So entirely isolated in this experience, that is so immensly different for every […]

*23 weeks

My alarm goes off at 6 something a.m. and my bed is peaceful and heavenly warm. So heavenly warm! But reason wins – I can’t face this day without a coffee in peace – so I make my way down to the kitchen, shivering in the cold. When the coffee is ready, the remaining family […]

*21 weeks: the nest

My dear sweet Baby. I bet, when you are able to read this one day, you’ve heard the story a thousand times. The story of us waiting for you and me being impatient after about one week (you will also have found out by then, that patience is not exactly my strong suit. Ahem). So […]

*19 weeks: pregnant diva alert

Oh, dear sweet Babe. You have no idea what you turn me into. You know – I used to be a tought little gal. I was determined, I was strong, I had the willpower to do about anything in the world. I always had a soft side, yes, but there was no hint of princess […]

*17 weeks: safe and sound

Safe to say this summer had it’s rocky times. We are so thankful for provision and protection! [and to avoid neck pain after reading – here is a turned version of the picture ;)]

the best idea

You, my little Baby, you are awesome. You are so loved and so wanted. Your big sisters can’t wait to meet you (in fact, they asked every morning for a solid week, if you have finally arrived). You are prayed for and hoped for and longed for. It’s so good to have you on the […]

Kopflos. [oder: Unvergessliche Momente des Gedächtnisschwundes]

[„Kopflos“, Kunstinstallation an der Toilettenwand. Aufkleber auf Tapete. Von Norali.] Eine echte Unterhaltung an unserem echten Küchentisch von heute Morgen: Ich: „Mir ist gestern Nacht wieder eingefallen, was ich dir noch unbedingt erzählen wollte!“ Der weltbeste Mann: „Ah, was war’s denn?“ Ich: „Keine Ahnung, ich hab’s wieder vergessen.“ Das Problem mit der Schwangerschafts- und Stilldemenz […]

Von Tränen am Jogurtregal. [Und genereller Begeisterung für Hans Zimmer]

Letzte Woche haben wir den Film „Score“ gesehen und ich war sehr inspiriert von dem obigen Hans Zimmer Zitat. Er beschrieb, wie seine Arbeit ihn manchmal durch quälende Phasen schickt. Und trotzdem sagt er: „I love, love, love what I do“. Wow. Kurzerhand habe ich mich mal im Handlettering versucht – es ist nicht perfekt […]

Von der schönsten Zeit in meinem Leben.

Ich sitze im roten Sessel und mein Kopf rattert. Das Wochenede war schnell und voll, die Erholung ist irgendwie auf der Strecke geblieben, Mist. Die Mädels waren heute anstrengend, süß und anstrengend, was insgesamt eine schlechte Bilanz ist. Außerdem haben wir umgeräumt, eine totale Impuls-Aktion, die zwar dringend nötig war, allerdings erstmal mehr Chaos verursacht […]