She is here!!!

Our little girl has arrived safe and sound and my world has new colour ever since. This pregnancy was hard and in so many ways, her arrival feels like redemption – like a new morning, after a dark night – like a fresh start. My dear beautiful, perfect girl, I have no words for the […]

*37 weeks: tic toc tic toc…

Baby, Baby, Baby. I know you have some weeks left (almost three!) to prepare for your arrival, but after yet another sleepless night, tossing and turning with pain and discomfort, I am just SO ready for you to make your grande debut early. You know? But I trust you more than I trust my own […]

*36 weeks: I’m ready, whenever you are.

My sweet little Baby. So as of this week, I can officially go to the same hospital, where your sisters were born, if you decide to come early. For me, that was kind of the deal breaker. Meaning – as of this week: you can come whenever you are ready. I’m ready, too. Yes, there […]

*35 weeks: the one with all the laundry.

Oh Baby, it’s getting real over here! I’ve been washing and folding Baby clothes, it’s been fun and soothing and I am getting just sooooo excited for your arrival! There are some last things to do (always), but we are heading towards the finish line and this hungry Mama is ready (to be able to […]

*34 weeks: I am soo athletic!

Oh, sweet Baby, I made so many well-intended plans for this pregnancy. Working out regularly to remain strong was amongst them. Now I just realized: if I spend thirty minutes cooking without the chance to sit down – that totally counts as work out! (And let’s not forget all the stairs in our house, the […]

*33 weeks: the (season) finale is near!

Oh, dear Baby, your Daddy and I watched so much of the TV Show „Suits“ during this pregnancy, I would not be entirely surprised, if you were born with a tie, a glas of whiskey in your hand and a kick-ass-attitude, just like the lawyers in „Suits“. I wonder, if I should play you the […]

*31 weeks: Hypnobirthing

[practicing to think about nothing] My dear Baby. Birth is a difficult topic. I fully believe women are made for this. We are perfectly capeable and birth is as old as humanity itself – it should be the most natural thing and no big drama. I used to wonder, why people would tell their horror […]

*29 weeks: help wanted!

My dear Baby, please excuse me while I use this belly growing diary for a moment to make a public announcement: help wanted!! Dear reader, whoever you are, I have a question for you. Since I currently prepare for life with three children, with a head full of ideas for my creative work and an […]

*28 weeks: Om? Uhmmm…?

My dear Baby, I started a pregnancy Yoga class. You know? The time every Tuesday where I am really very relaxed and chill. It’s good! But it’s new and it’s also – uhm, a little weird. But moving, relaxing and practicing to find inner calm and quiet is much needed as I prepare for your […]